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                                                 LightBearer - poem


 My poem Light Bearer is dedicated to all human beings who suffer by wickedness from others. It is also a deliberation about how we, the mankind keep up the gloominess and disunion in the whole world with our thoughts and doing.

We shall all be the light bearers for peace, charity and forgiving which connect us to the Almightiness and result us to better life.


 Light Bearer

One beautiful morning it came clear to me
our purpose in life and earthly view to see.
Our Creator from Heaven gives us the spark
which is light, secretly hidden in our heart.

Mankind will continue bleeding
as long as we are unconsciously sleeping.
All disunion and terrors of war
we ourselves, are responsible for.

Society’s abuse, greed and conflict in race
and religious wars are not the right pace.
As soon as we awake to awareness of truth
the beauty of charity we teach to our youth.

Love and forgiveness have such power
more than anyone will ever know.
Healing, embracing everyone in serenity
every little grain has its role in eternity.

Listen to our secretly heart hidden spark
It is our guiding light from the dark.
In it, is the power of peace, the bearer of truth
which connects to the Almightiness path.


author; johanna s. ragnars.  (josira)