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It has taken me more than 10 years to bring this message forward to humanity which are written here. I have not had the courage to tell from them, except in a small extent until now ...


                    AUGUST 1999  MESSAGE TO MANKIND from



Mary the Godmother of mankind on Earth. A guardian in the dreadful times that awaits mankind. She came to me in dream one night and I was compaled to write down her words.

The light of man will shine again and then in love and truth. The sense of Universal Law (Laws of Live) lies in man´s mind. But few know, understand or sense it. Storms and winds will surround mankind, the wordly bodies like storms of negative currents have swept in their minds. They feal when Mother Earth wants to get rid of those thoughts, causing natural disasters. Toleration and love has to be preached. The power of mankind have to let to the right channel. Remember that power lies in every thing and every thought. In the fullness of time there will be understanding, and the answers will come forward.

The children should be taught at the beginning. They have the future in their hands. If every child would be taught about our Heavenly Father, and would understand life´s being and porpose on earth, everything would be much easier. The solution of the mystery of live is much nearer than anyone suspects. The key will be turned with the children and everything will open up. Look and you will se. Listen and you will hear. You will be talked to and you will understand you have to go on notifyed the truth. The insighted must go on to the next one, because every one of you has the seed in your hands. Put it in a fertile soil and beautiful flower will grow. You shall honour the commandments. They keep much truth. Children should be brought up with it in their homes.

Respect for everything has decreased. Principles have been walked over. It needs to be taught to thank our Heavenly Father. Too many forget that prayers are heard and more of them come true if people remember. Mankind is the light of God, although few of them know it. The difference between right and wrong should be taught better. The teaching should begin in the homes, children´s homes and schools. People shall be taught, but far most, it should be with love, because every one has to find the truth within him self. Embrase the children with love and affection and they will do the same to their children. Children initate what they learn and see. They have the future in their hands.  Moderate discipline has to be shown in order to teach them respect.

East and West have to be coordinate in study of un- and conventional medicine. Healers, medicals and others working in unconventional medicine should be in contact with doctors with open minds. The road to maturity will be easier. Mankind has to be enlighten that it is in school of live. Peoples lives in this world often turns about so meaningless and really worthless things. It needs to notify that this live here and now, affects live´s outcome and the effect will depend on how the cause is created. Evrythings depends on one´s views, each time and how matters are handle, worldly, bodily and spiritually.

The old teaching named yoga, should be taught in schools, just as mathematics,writing and reading. It should be put in law, that all this education about the body is necessary and  equal  inhernet as the knowledge in schoolbooks to learn of and  duty is to teatch. Country´s administration should be enlighten how important it is. Because in the teaching of yoga consist all the sense of the Universal Law. In the beginning, the end should be considered ! The time of man´s knowledge is up, Terms were made !

The man in flesh has to understand that the possessory time he had is coming up. Country´s administrations must be instructed that the time´s are in vicinity. Everybody pud the stones in the road of his live himself. Everyone reaps as he sown. The messeges has to be expedite, because everything has its time. But the adaptation has to be apace circulated to the man´s consciousness, because everything is aiming to destruction if the response is not right. The disunion of mankind and terrors of war as abuse in socity´s, greed, conflict and race, were religion are frequently the root cause for what has been thus sanguianary and painful, has to be stopped.

Mother Earth feeds, attires and embraces everyone. When mankind will respect her biosphere and all of the universe, reconciled in peace and harmony, unifyed in Love and the Light and unite within themselves, Their own Heavenly Father, the creator of everything. Then shall boundaries falls and She will stop struggling and shaking off this fearsome hate and all the negative power that is floating about and poisoning everything around it. Mankind has to learn, that all this gloominess and disunion is preserved with thoughts and actions. Man´s spiritual knowledge has not been able to develop parallel to his wortly one. All the wisdom of the universe lies in man´s awareness, because in every spark of light that comes from the Almightiness is also Him. Everybody has the same orgin, the higest and the lowest, and are therefore the same whole.

Let love and forgiveness be your guiding light, both in words and doing. In the words of " Belif, Hope and love " lies more truth than anyone suspect. When they dicover the light of the world, brothers and sisters will stop fighting, because the Truth will be opened up. Beauty of love is the messenger of truth.

Beauty in thoughts and doings intensify the union with the Highest One whom created you.


writer  Johanna S. Ragnars.   (josira)


14 mai 2010

It has taken me more than 10 years to bring this message forward to humanity which are written here. I have not had the courage to tell from them, except in a small extent until now. I was actually, alarmed when they arrived and what people maintain about them or even consider me peculiar. When the words began coming to me, I often woke up in the night, hearing them with my inner ears and was propel to write them down. When Maria word's came to me I later wished so often that they would have been sent to somebody else. Like someone who had the courage and ability to get them forward. Often have I tried to put they aside and try to forget them, but it is not working. The pressure will only be more to carry out the message. And now I´m learning that this is a mission that needs to get done.

Over the years I´m begining to see and sense the words and the world around me and how much truth is preserved in this message. And now when so many things has occur to humanity and on the earth in recent years, I can no longer stand at distance, neutral. I have to let the words be in the flow and allow others to gain insight so they can obtain own understanding and sensation of the message. It needs to envelop everything and everyone with charity-love and healing energy as possible and gain new life attitudes, lifestyle and values. We live in times of large-scale purification and transformation in all areas and aspects. Along with internal and external conflicts. These are all our major time of learning, which should lead us to greater maturity and wisdom of the hidden truths about the spiritual and material worlds, who meet in human beings and are constantly coming better to see and understand.

johanna s.ragnars  (josira) 




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